Computer Skills for Work

Employers across many industries and fields expect job seekers to have Microsoft Office skills. It’s probably the most universally utilized software in businesses around the globe. You may not need to be an expert in MS Office, but it will help your job prospects to at least be acquainted with the basics.

This course will help you gain the basic skills required to use the following software packages.

  • Microsoft Outlook
    • You will learn how to send, receive and sort emails within Microsoft Outlook. How to save contact information and use the calendar in an office environment.
  • Microsoft Word
    • You will learn how to set up a document save and open documents and use formatting tools to enhance the look of documents.
  • Microsoft Excel
    • You will learn how to construct a basic spreadsheet using data and formulas. Also how to format a spreadsheet and produce graphs and charts
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • You will learn how to produce a presentation using Powerpoint and add transitions and animations as well as data from Word and Excel


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